Services, Chapple Fuels Limited

Chapple Fuels Limited is an innovative solutions provider, with a highly proficient team and advanced fleet technology. Although we offer all the benefits of a large corporation, we maintain the hard working and rural values only a family run business can supply.

We ensure the safe and efficient transport of all delivery agreements. This includes both continuous flow and short notice with time or price sensitive requests. We operate a seven day per week business and someone is able to assist you twenty-four hours per day. Our services include:

Petroleum Division

Transport and delivery of a variety of petroleum products, including ethanol, and all grades of diesel and gasoline. Along with major oil companies (Suncor, Petro-Canada, Imperial Oil, Marathon Petroleum, etc.), we also supply cardlock locations, both industrial and wholesale sites, as well as independent retail stations.

Always having product is a fundamental paradigm to ensure exceptional service. Our inventory management performance is truly unsurpassed. With the absence of run-outs, your confidence in us ensures that your pumps are always running and your customers are always returning.

Van Division

We offer a wide variety of solutions to meet your dry freight requirements. From transportation and delivery of all general freight, agricultural goods, and temperature controlled commodities, our team will ensure your goals are accomplished.

To help expedite our inter-jurisdictional and cross border activates, we are a F.A.S.T. approved carrier, active members of C-TPAT and P.I.P, as well as HAZMAT and FDA registered.


We own and operate a fully licensed repair facility, complete with both a truck washing and tire maintenance bay. We have earned the accreditations to operate as an Ontario Drive Clean Emissions testing facility, as well as a B620 Tank Inspection Agency. By way of unequaled preventive maintenance, the benefit of reduced downtime is another safeguard to help deliver customer satisfaction.

All equipment is furnished with performance monitoring devices. Along with many other driver and unit execution measures, we are able to communicate and monitor the location (GPS) of your cargo at all times. With a rigorous safety training program and a list of driver certifications too long to list, all personal, public, and environmental safety concerns are not just a requirement, but an uncompromised certainty.