History, Chapple Fuels Limited
Chapple Fuels Limited, Chatham, ON, 877-246-9802

Keith and Evelyn Chapple began in 1950 as an agent with Reliance Petroleum, delivering heating oil and petroleum for farm use in the rural areas of Southwestern Ontario. Over the years, Reliance Petroleum was subsequently changed to Supertest Petroleum, then to British Petroleum, and eventually to Petro Canada, but our philosophies of a small rural marketer remained intact.

Our current owner and president, Wayne Chapple, began as a delivery driver during the Supertest days, and in tandem with his brother, Darrell Chapple, they continue to build on their parent's founding vision.

Recognizing the need of the rural community to transport their agricultural commodities, Chapple Fuels began to offer transportation of dry bulk as well as the petroleum. Activity flourished, incorporation came in 1975, and with increased demands - being a marketing agent for a major petroleum supplier was thought to impede the potential as a full service carrier. After 44 years as a marketing agent, the retail involvement with Petro Canada was sold in 1994 to a local partner. Since then, the focus has been solely placed on delivery operations.

Through honest growth and honouring commitments, however slight, the hands-on and personal touch extended to every account is as prevalent today as it was in 1950.