Welcome to Chapple Fuels Limited

Family owned and operated since 1950, Chapple Fuels Limited has been Ontario's leading choice for the safe and efficient transportation of a wide variety of products.

In addition to your petroleum needs, you can rely on Chapple Fuels Limited to deliver farm produce, temperature controlled goods, and all of your dry freight items with unrivaled quality service and safety at every turn. Our equipment undergoes unparalleled maintenance at our own licensed repair facility. This benefit provides reliability and lower costs to our clients through decreased downtime and higher efficiency.

Chapple Fuels Limited is both Canadian and US bonded, proudly serving business partners nationwide. Our professional and proficient staff takes pride in each accomplishment. Their dedication to meet and exceed your every objective is what makes us able to provide quality, professional, and timely services.

Recently studied in a comprehensive Safety Systems Management Report, we are ranked among the top 5 percent in Canadian trucking, particularly when it comes to our commitment to road safety and the uninterrupted flow of goods in Canada. For transportation and delivery services you can rely on, both domestic and foreign, please contact Chapple Fuels Limited.